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Our CrossFit classes are delivered through a varied program of functional cardiovascular movements, weightlifting, gymnastics, general gym movements and more. In many cases it targets the whole body, rather than isolated movements.

The variety eliminates routine and challenges every participant to pursue their own excellence in each session. Every class accommodates universal scalability; thus it is ideal for any participant irrespective of fitness level or experience.

If a person is seeking increased functional strength, general fitness, weight loss or muscle gain, our CrossFit classes are an ideal choice.

Why CrossFit?

  • Scalable to all fitness levels: From beginners to seasoned pros, CrossFit is fun and functional for the whole family, regardless of experience.
  • Change it Up: Break routine with constantly changing workouts that challenge new muscles every day and make sure you never get bored.
  • Broad & Inclusive: Our specialty is, well, not specialising. Everyone is welcome, always.
  • High-Intensity: Immerse in 60-minute-long classes that focus on strength, conditioning, and resistance through functional movements.
  • High-Quality Coaching: You deserve no less than the highest standard of coaching and personalised fitness mentoring.


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