CrossFit Juniors


Our juniors program provides an opportunity for kids and teens to develop key skills for performing the fundamental movements for life.

These functional classes take our juniors through a continuum of increasingly more challenging movements in order to develop great strength, balance, cardiovascular fitness, coordination, power, speed and endurance.

Each participant is provided with options that are safe and achievable to the individual, whilst providing challenge and scope for growth.

Program Overview.

Our Juniors Program:

  • Is held in block programs during the school term, with sessions available on Tuesday and Thursday from 3.30pm until 4.15pm
  • Is available for students in grades 2 – 12.
  • The program gives each athlete the chance to measure progress through a fitness assessment at the beginning and end of each term.
  • Fitness assessments will be focused on the fundamental movements needed to build safe, strong, age-appropriate movement patterns.
  • Each athlete will begin their progress at Green level and progress to Silver level and then onto Purple level.

With carefully designed exercises, we provide a dynamic and comprehensive approach to improving fitness levels. Our engaging program ensures juniors of all abilities have fun while staying active and healthy.

The program can also provide a gateway for juniors wishing to participate in our regular CrossFit program.

If you’re interested in learning more, or want to be notified of our next program intake, please feel free to contact us.



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