Personal Training

Personal Training

Helping people is the cornerstone of what we do. If you have specific goals you are working towards, or perhaps you need some extra guidance to get started, then a one-on-one session may be for you.

Connect with one of our qualified personal trainers who know how to analyse your unique body, goals, and limits, and who can craft a fitness plan that challenges your body and mind.


On-Ramp Program

Don’t know where to begin? If you don’t want to jump straight into our classes, our beginner on-ramp program features an initial consultation, and a string of one-on-one personal training sessions, giving you a personalised introduction to functional fitness.

With expert guidance and a gradual progression, we ensure that beginners learn the foundational movements and techniques necessary to excel in functional fitness.

If you’re interested in starting your fitness journey with our on-ramp program, contact us to book in your consultation today.



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